Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bare bones blues

"The foremost interpreters of the "delta blues". His unique playing style - which is to turn both rhythm and play the melody lines on the guitar while he tramper with your feet on a box - have given him the label of "one-man band." Bjørn Berge started his career so far with the electric guitar, but switched this quickly against a banjo after hearing bluegrass band Gone At Last practice in the neighborhood. He was completely hooked on acoustic blues when he heard Robert Johnson. Then purchased a 12-string National steel guitar, and succeeded in a short time to make his mark as a musician out of the ordinary. Joined with Jan Flåten (vocals, harmonica) in 1994, and debuted on record with him. After the cooperation with Jan Flåten was completed in 1996, Berge has focused on a solo career. This has led him beyond the borders of the country, including to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where he enjoys great respect. All of the discs to Bjørn Berge contains a mixture of own and others songs."

Band Site:
Bjorn Berge & Jan Flaten:

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Groovy Depressive Pop Rock Metal

"Where the hell did this come from? Upon browsing through Vrangsinn's other projects beside the infamous Carpathian Forest, I came across this small project entitled "A Waste of Talent", which caught my eye, because of the name. Then upon further research, I discovered their homepage and statements that they are absolutely anti-commercial and absolute nihilists. The project exists since 92', but only after 15 years of "waiting for the end of the world to come", they have decided to record some of their material and enrich the existence of other individuals. A wise choice, since otherwise, this had never gotten to my ears.The album exists only in digital form, with an album cover online and seven songs. AWOT vehemently play a weird style of modern doom metal, infused with elements of 70s psychedelic rock. Imagine a disco hall set ablaze with two sad figures making music inside while the damn thing burns away. This is how this band sounds like. Vrangsinn has never made compromises in the past and this project of his is no exception.The opener and title track starts with some unidentifiable metallic noises that later morph into what seems to resemble (you guessed it) a steamtrain, but sounding more like an old bomb shell factory. After this "intro" Skaperen starts to sing something almost inapprehensible with a very broken-down voice that prepares the listener for the upcoming grief. The respective parts on this song don't really vary much, as the guitar switches between clean repetitive, but catchy parts and slow destructive down tuned riffs. Basically the melodies on most songs are just some chords played back and forth, but with that cool guitar tone they sound anything but boring or monotonous.Now an awesome thing on some songs, including the first track and the self-titled "A.W.O.T.", is that at a particular part on the track, there is a very smoothly induced tempo change. This thrusts the songs into a faster pace and hammers them into the consciousness of the listener. Another aspect is that the songs themselves, while sounding incredibly creepy and depressive, also emit a certain attitude of superiority. Talking about the end of the world and how everything is pointless and wrong really gets you in mood to despise your surroundings even more. Reverb is used on both clean and distorted guitar and on almost every song on this album, adding to the catastrophic perception that is received. They (AWOT) even amplify the dramatic sceneries by adding slow intimidating saxophone parts that finish you off.In a whole: A Waste of Talent have managed to create a whole new style of metal music, successfully merging the past with the future and post-future (the lyrical part). The sound, while being very modern, also uses wah-wah effects on the guitar to really get you in that 70s groove thing, but going so incredibly slow and heavy, that I wouldn't call the state or psychedelic, but neurotic, in a frenzied sense. That's the great nihilistic "passion" with which they play their music. Highly recommended for fans of post-apocalyptic themed music." (Review from Metal Archives)

Band Site:
A Waste of Talent - Psychodelic Steamtrain:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nice fuzzy rock for fans of jam bands

"They seem to appear out of nothing, existing since September 2006 this Dutch trio delivers a debut album to the market one year later. An album of which any other band could only dream of for their entire carreer. Influences on the sound of The Machine are unmistakable Colour Haze, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Blue Cheer and related late 60's jam-rockers. Just add the optimal conception of a raw production and lots of groove and you'll get a very good idea of the sound of this band. This is THE most important in stonerrock to me and it makes me forget time and the world around me for one small moment. Very intoxicating! Recommended!"

Band Site:
The Machine - Shadow of the Machine:

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Swiss version of AC/DC

"Sideburn, from Switzerland, have been around for years and unfortunately haven’t received the recognition they deserve outside of their native country. It’s a pity because they are a phenomenal band raised on the Bon Scott-era AC/DC and electrified delta blues. Like other AC/DC influenced bands – Trust, Krokus, Gotthard, Zan Clan, and countless others, Sideburn wear their influences on their collective sleeves, but remain original and contemporary. “Cherry Red” fully complements their preceding releases, but is better.
Opener, “Gimme the Way” deserves to be a worldwide hit. It is memorable, has a riff that slices, and the chorus is catchy too. The title track is heavy and slightly reminiscent of “Let there be Rock” and “Whole Lotta Rosie”. “Rock and Roll Queen” reminds me of “Beating Around the Bush” off of “Highway to Hell” and, too, has a killer chorus. But, the best song on “Cheery Red” is the tribute song to Bon – “Ghost of 1980” – Haunting lyrics and a groove that is pure and vintage AC/DC. “Wild Boy” employs some really cool slide as does the album closer “Stand Your Ground.” The latter track is right out of the muddy fields of Mississippi! Really moving stuff." (

Band Site:
Sideburn - Cherry Red:

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thunderous Italian Stoner

So this is my first truly stoner rock post on this blog. It was more an accident than anything as the blog i would typically post this on, the search feature was acting up. So, after finding out it was already posted on the Swamp, couldnt waste a perfectly good upload to wither away, now could i? With a mighty bottom end and howling solos, you will have your head nodding in now time.

"This is the first album from the French label Longfellow Deeds Records I get to review. This label specializes in the groovy side of Rock/Metal, which happens to be my favorite side. Are BLACK RAINBOWS able to deliver some groovy tunes that will make us wanna grab a beer and bang our heads under their melodies? This is something we will have to find out...

BLACK RAINBOWS hail from a country that never had anything to offer to the Stoner scene, Italy! How can someone play such music when he is surrounded by Power Metal or Gothic bands? It is probably the warm environment the Mediterranean people live in.

"Twilight In The Desert" is the bands first and only release, since it is the only release they mention in their official homepage. The band plays a kind of psychedelic Stoner Rock, that draws influences from acts like NEBULA, the high and mighty BLUE CHEER (hail!) and SLO BURN, as well as the must KYUSS groovy touches. The low tuned guitar/bass are adding quite some heaviness to the sound, while Fioris vocals travel you somewhere in a desert, where you can see the sun setting as you drink your favorite beer and burn everything that troubles your mind.

"Twilight In The Desert" is not the best release in the Stoner/Space Rock scene for 2007, but it is an album that follows the "necessary" rules for groovy and psychedelic moments, in order to offer you approximately 34 minutes of pure and honest Heavy Rock music. Suggested only to those few that can feel the heat of music that is played straight from the heart..." (

Band Site:
Black Rainbows - Twilight In The Desert:

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Add some funk to your groove

"At first, I thought 404 Not Found rose from the ashes of Fooz, the Spanish band that released one full length and disappeared halfway through the production of their follow-up. There are some common traits with the two, especially the vocals. But a search of 404's website shows that the band actually evolved from Vanexa, a group that first started out in 1983.

That's a long time to be slogging it out in the trenches, so it's not surprising that 404 Not Found is a fairly accomplished group of players. Armless is one of those albums that's heavy on playing, not in tone. It's a nuanced record, a sort of stoner/classic/psychedelic rock lite mixed with a smidgen of funk, enough to give the songs some pep but not enough to give you flashbacks of that horrid funk metal fad of the mid '90's.

You won't put Armless on in your car if you have need some inspiration to go somewhere fast, but it was a pretty enjoyable listen. Good musicianship and solid songs go a long way. Those who invest some time with 404 Not Found will probably discover that this is a record that reveals more with each listen." (

Band Site:
404 Not Found - Armless:

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Think Medeski, Martin & Wood crossed with Govt Mule and maybe the Chemical Brothers hanging out in a jam space

This shit grooves...

"Although it includes Voivod's Away in the line-up and features cover art that could easily be used for the famous Canadian psycho-thrash band's upcoming album, Kosmos has nothing to do with thrash or even metal. Instead, what you get here is space rock with influences from Hawkwind, Amon Duul II, Van Der Graff Generator and with perhaps some Camel and Faust thrown in for good measure. In short, this album will definitely satisfy fans of this kind of music, although regrettably it is also not entirely without faults.

The problem that many people (this reviewer included) have with the modern progressive rock and metal scenes is that so many contemporary bands focus too much on technique, composition and mathematics, foregoing what made the genre interesting in the first place: journeying into areas of musical weirdness. Kosmos is a progressive band by the original definition of the genre and they are capable of capturing that sense of wonder and utter bemusement with gusto. From the krautrock opener to the alien punk rock of "Much Too Old", this album offers more reality-bending than an entire season of Farscape. Long ambient/noise passages, Hindu mantras, electronic soundscapes dominated by blips - it's all here, and more.

The problem with this album is paradoxically also this sense of overwhelming musical freedom that the band projects. The constant meandering nature of the music does not make for an album that flows well, at least not as a rock record. The experience of listening to Kosmos is more like that of being engrossed by a soundtrack to a surrealist film. As experiences go, it is phenomenal, but it doesn't really lend itself to repeated listens. Thus, Kosmos might end up being one of those records that sit on your shelf for months at a time, and only filling your room with its aural landscape once in a blue moon.

Kosmos is an album for the real hardcore progressive rock aficionado. It is mind bending and like a drug in many ways: capable of expanding perception of reality, but only if taken in moderation." (

(Thanks Psymin!)

Band Site:
Kosmos - Self-Titled:

These guys seem like they would be fun live

"On their first release, these young lads from Philadelphia are bringing to mind early Nirvana and even a little Green Day with supersonic guitars and raw as hell vocals with a nice bouncing melody. Man, I must say its already at the top of my list for picks this year. With tunes named ‘I’ll be Okay’ & ‘Drugs Are Fun’ you just can’t go wrong. I feel like I’m 16 again and watching some cool undiscovered band playing in my friends basement, smoking Marlboro reds and sharing 40’s.. GET the FUCKING cd!" (

(Thanks Psymin)

Band Site:
Quips - Amphetamines!:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Canada rocks!

The great white north brings us one of their first commercially successful rock bands. Any fan of radio in the mid to late 90's should definitely check these dudes out. They bring it all from the slower jams to flat out rockers like Smile and Wave. Everyone needs to check out their songs Cemetery or Tweeter and the Monkey Man at least. You wont be disappointed.

"Headstones were a Canadian hard rock band that began in the late 1980s in Kingston, Ontario and were active until 2003. The band consisted of vocalist Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White, and drummer Dale Harrison. They frequently sold out at small and mid-sized venues and were known for their high energy live shows, particularly the antics of Dillon, who interacted with his audience in a variety of ways including spitting on them and hurling lit cigarettes into mosh pits. The songwriting tackled many serious and taboo topics, including suicide and even necrophilia. Headstones were one of the most commercially successful Canadian rock bands of the 1990s." (

Headstones - Greatest Fits:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One of my top favorite albums ever

This album is in my top 5 of all time. Unfortunately, i never got to see them live due to the death of their bassist. There is not a low point on this album anywhere. Yes, everyone has heard Got A Girl, but everyone should also check out Trip Along and their amazing 9 minute freak out called Prick. I can not recommend this album highly enough. I also have all of their other discs, including the hard to find EP's if anyone is interested. Just leave a mention in the comments or the c-box...

"This album sits right in the middle of my top ten albums of all time. Musically, the guitar playing, drumming, and vocals are all top notch and give you plenty to aspire towards. While at times some of the guitar lines are nothing technically amazing, they are creative and fit perfectly with the song. The drumming is the gem on this album and I love every minute of it. The vocals are uniquely Tripping Daisy's own and make this band stand out from the crowd.

Part pop, part hard rock, and mostly a perfect blend of the two, this album provides you with enough types of sound to keep you interested, but keeps them woven together so that it does not sound out of place.

"I Got a Girl" is of course the "hit" from the album, and by all means is the only reason I heard of this band in the first place. But I must say, "I Got a Girl" is the worst song on the album even though it has its moments instrumentally speaking. My favorites are "Motivation" - much quiter than most songs on the album but just beautiful in every way, "Step Behind" - very fun catchy song, but unique in its structure/arrangment, "Prick" - long prog rock style song with sick guitar riffs and some of the most amazing drumming on the album, and "High" - a nice peaceful song with some beautiful guitar lines which I have been told, although cannot confirm, was not originally a song to be on the album, but just a bit of a jam in the studio that was caught on tape, who knows (the lyrics to this song are the only ones missing in the album notes)?

That being said, every song is worth listening to and I have played this album start to finish in entirety hundreds of times. Other Tripping Daisy albums are good and worth listening to, but none of them capture the mix of hard rock, pop, and psychedelic sounds like this one does." (

Band Site:
Tripping Daisy - I Am An Elastic Firecracker:

Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer

Yea, if you dont like irish drinking songs, there is something wrong with you. This would be a great comp of a bunch of em. BEERS UP!
  1. The Mahones - Drunken lazy bastard
  2. The Bloody Irish Boys - Drunk Tonight
  3. Great Big Sea - The Night Pat Murphy Died
  4. Dropkick Murphys - Finnegans Wake
  5. The Pogues - If I should fall from grace with god
  6. Flogging Molly - May the Living be Dead (In Our Wake)
  7. The Mahones - A Drunken Night in Dublin
  8. The Bloody Irish Boys - Enniscorthy in a Bottle
  9. Great Big Sea - Lukey
  10. Dropkick Murphys - Bar room hero
  11. The Pogues - Fairytale of New York
  12. Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies
  13. The Mahones - Paint this town red
  14. The Bloody Irish Boys - Streams of Whiskey
  15. Great Big Sea - Home for a rest
  16. Dropkick Murphys - Dirty glass
  17. The Pogues - Whiskey you’re the Devil
  18. Flogging Molly - Seven deadly sins
Irish Punk Drinking Songs:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canadian metal with smoking solos at their best

"Since their last CD Unbroken, there have been several line-up changes in the camp of A Perfect Member. Three of the five musicians had to be replaced, which had of course some influences on the band's style that has become closer to metal. Their brutal hardcore sound from the past has been replaced by a groovy thrash metal sound with still obvious hardcore feeling. The dominance of the guitars is surprising quite a lot and even the solos don't disturb at all. Wake Up And Die and Snake Eyes are two well arranged brutal metal songs. Another surprise are songs with a strong touch of southern rock or sludge metal combined with more brutal riffs (Rotten, Suffocation Of Thought). But these changes aren't of course so strong that A Perfect Murder will lose old fans because of the new album. Maybe some folks will be disturbed by the huge amount of solos, but the general extreme and angry sound and the still very hardcore like vocals shouldn't prevent the old fans from listening to A Perfect Murder. Even tolerant thrash metal fans may find Strength Through Vengeance also very interesting. The album takes advantage from a very fat production, but a bit more variation wouldn't have harmed either." (

Band Site:
A Perfect Murder - Strength Through Vengence:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why dont they play this on the radio?

Soul Coughing were one of the best bands I have ever seen live and I have had the pleasure of seeing Mike a few times during his solo tours. Always a passionate performer and well worth your time to listen to.

"Haughty Melodic is everything you'd expect from Mike Doughty and more: it fuses his post-Soul Coughing singer-songwriter compositional style with the tapestry of brightly colored sounds and snarled grooves of his now-defunct, aesthetically pleasing -- in other words, fly -- band. In fact, Haughty Melodic is even more ritually adorned than anything Doughty's been involved in previously, quite the opposite from the stark tones of Skittish and Rockity Roll (his two self-released solo EPs re-released by ATO last year). Through the dozen tracks, he's joined by saxophone, trombone, congas, banjo, pedal steel, cello, and various keyboard babbles, all of which really flesh out the record into a densely ornamented merry-go-round. And although Haughty Melodic is a reinforcement of Mike Doughty the Songwriter (as opposed to M. Doughty the Beat-Jivin' Jazz-Funk-Psych Band Leader), it is still a reminder of his idiosyncratic stature in contemporary American music. Doughty makes music that is impossibly unique. He repeats phrases with brain-numbing syntax and a deadpan cadence ("Lonely / And the only way to beat it is to bat it down"), peppers the peripheral vision of introspective songs with pop culture references as if they were intrinsically unavoidable ("Busting Up a Starbucks" cites James Van Der Beek and Sister Sister, not to mention the titular coffee conglomerate), and proves that he can still navigate about all his wits without the safety net of a category-defying band ("I'm done with elephants and clowns / I want to run away and join the office" he sings in "American Car")."

the rest of the review can be read here. its a real good review for a freakin sweet album

Band Site:

Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic:

Icing on the cake

"The recommended Tales From Slabtown EP adds three non-LP tracks of good rank, the Velvet Underground-cool "Lance" (why wasn't this on the LP?!?!), plus the zany Kinks tribute song "Kinky" -- an extrapolation on the "You Really Got Me"/"All Day and All the Night"/"I Need You" riff, dandified with a striking harmony -- and the slow, meditative, trance-like spiritual grace of "Phone Call." (

Dandy Warhols - Tales From Slabtown EP:

Split personality disorder perhaps?

Every New Years for several years Local H play a set posing as another band. As the 21st century was ushered in, they played as the Doors. Real good sound quality on this and some great tunes.

Set list:
01 - The End
02 - Light My Fire
03 - Hello I Love You
04 - Roadhouse Blues
05 - Backdoor Man
06 - Five To One
07 - Touch Me
08 - Break On Through

Local H - Live As The Doors:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And so it begins....

We all have to begin somewhere, right? The blogging world really opened up for me when i was welcomed on to the team at the Sludge Swamp. After having met many cool people doing that, I decided to start my own page. It will be mainly used for music/movies/game related stuff with a heavy emphasis on music. If anyone would like to add some content, feel free to send me an email with what you would like to contribute. Anything goes here as far as genres as i am quite open minded. So, in closing, welcome to my wavelength indeed. Posts shall be forthcoming starting tomorrow night. Going to be using tonight to figure this out. Expect everything from Moe to A Perfect Murder and Green Day to Aesop Rock with some Better Than Ezra and Sigur Ros thrown in for good measure. Hope you find something you enjoy...